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  • Get Magpie: The Contest

    It’s the “Get Magpie” Contest!

  • Coming Soon...

    Two months after the apps were first submitted to their respective App Stores for approval, I am happy to report that Magpie is close to ready. Apple has approved the app, and they are now Ready for Sale.

  • The Resubmit: Easy Come, Easy Go

    We had a little drama during App Review last week. After 9 days in review, both the Mac and iOS versions of Magpie were rejected. I’ll quote the relevant section from the iOS App Store Review Guidelines:

  • The Magpie Manifesto

    The germ of the idea for Magpie started with the feeling that I wanted to watch browser-based videos in their own window on my Mac. I kept thinking about a tool that would let me yank a video out of a browser window and have it play on while I continued to browse elsewhere.

  • In Review

    We’re at the 24 hour point for both the Mac and iOS versions of Magpie in their respective App Store review queues. If the apps pass review without incident, they should be in their stores by mid-next week.

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